In the course of these trips he was kind and indulgent, and talked
ساعت ۱:٤۱ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٦ 
In the course of these trips he was kind and indulgent, and talkedIn the course of these trips he was kind and indulgent, and talked

rather than preached. He never went far in search of his arguments and

his examples. He quoted to the inhabitants of one district the example

of a neighboring district. In the cantons where they were harsh to the

poor, he said: "Look at the people of Briancon! They have conferred on

the poor, on widows and orphans, the right to have their meadows mown

three days in advance of every one else. They rebuild their houses for

them gratuitously when they are ruined. Therefore it is a country which

is blessed by God. For a whole century, there has not been a single

murderer among them."

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One day he arrived at Senez, which is an ancient episcopal city. He was
ساعت ٧:۱٢ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٦ 
One day he arrived at Senez, which is an ancient episcopal city. He wasOne day he arrived at Senez, which is an ancient episcopal city. He was

mounted on an ass. His purse, which was very dry at that moment, did not

permit him any other equipage. The mayor of the town came to receive

him at the gate of the town, and watched him dismount from his ass,

with scandalized eyes. Some of the citizens were laughing around him.

"Monsieur the Mayor," said the Bishop, "and Messieurs Citizens, I

perceive that I shock you. You think it very arrogant in a poor priest

to ride an animal which was used by Jesus Christ. I have done so from

necessity, I assure you, and not from vanity."

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The Bishop managed t...
ساعت ۱۱:۱٤ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٥ 

Les Miserables II (Miserables (Pocket))The Bishop managed to do it. He went on foot when it was in the neighborhood, in a tilted spring-cart when it was on the plain, and on a donkey in the mountains. The two old women accompanied him. When the trip was too hard for them, he went alone.

گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
اسقف موفق به آن انجام دهد. او با پای پیاده رفت و هنگامی که آن را در بود
محله ، در بهار زمانی که سبد خرید یک بر - آن را در دشت بود ، و در
خر در کوه. دو پیر زن او را همراه است. وقتی که
سفر بیش از حد سخت بود برای آنها ، او به تنهایی.

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ساعت ٩:۳۱ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٥ 
Les Miserables - French EditionCHAPTER III--A HARD BISHOPRIC FOR A GOOD BISHOP The Bishop did not omit his pastoral visits because he had converted his carriage into alms. The diocese of D---- is a fatiguing one. There are very few plains and a great many mountains; hardly any roads, as we have just seen; thirty-two curacies, forty-one vicarships, and two hundred and eighty-five auxiliary chapels. To visit all these is quite a task.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
فصل سوم -- طبقه و سلک اسقفان سخت را برای اسقف خوب

اسقف بازدیدکننده داشته است آیا معنوی خود را حذف نمی کند چرا که او مجبور شد خود را تبدیل
کالسکه را به صدقه. اسقف نشین از توسعه ---- fatiguing یکی است. وجود دارد
تعداد کمی از دشت و کوه های بزرگ زیادی ؛ به سختی و هر جاده ها ، به عنوان ما
فقط دیده ؛ curacies سی و دو ، چهل و یک vicarships و دویست
و هشتاد - five کمکی chapels. به دفعات مشاهده شده تمام این کاملا یک کار.

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"I like that name," ...
ساعت ٧:٥٠ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٥ 
The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers (And Their Employees) (J-B Lencioni Series)"I like that name," said he. "Bienvenu makes up for the Monseigneur." We do not claim that the portrait herewith presented is probable; we confine ourselves to stating that it resembles the original.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
"من می خواهم که نام ، گفت :" او. "Bienvenu می سازد تا برای Monseigneur".

ما ادعا نیست که این نامه پرتره احتمالی ارائه شده است ؛ ما
منحصر به خودمان را بیان کرد که آن را شبیه به تصویر اصلی.

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After a time, offeri...
ساعت ٦:٠۸ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٥ 
The Musical World of Boublil and Schonberg: The Creators of Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Martin Guerre and The Pirate QueenAfter a time, offerings of money flowed in. Those who had and those who lacked knocked at M. Myriel's door,--the latter in search of the alms which the former came to deposit. In less than a year the Bishop had become the treasurer of all benevolence and the cashier of all those in distress. Considerable sums of money passed through his hands, but nothing could induce him to make any change whatever in his mode of life, or add anything superfluous to his bare necessities.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
پس از گذشت زمان ، عرضه می کنند پول کسانی که وارد سرزمین جاری بود و کسانی را که
فاقد در Myriel M. 'ثانیه درب knocked ، -- دومی را که در جستجوی صدقه
که در سابق بود که با سپرده. در کمتر از یک سال به حال اسقف
تبدیل به خزانه دار از همه خیر خواهی و از همه کسانی صندوقدار
در اضطراب هستند. مبالغ قابل توجهی از پول گذشت را از طریق دست ، اما
چیزی می تواند او را وادار به هر آنچه و هر گونه تغییر در حالت او را
زندگی ، و یا هر چیز اضافی به ضروریات اشکار کرد.

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Such was M. Myriel's...
ساعت ٤:٠٧ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٥ 
Miserable Millie (Another Sommer-Time Story)Such was M. Myriel's budget. As for the chance episcopal perquisites, the fees for marriage bans, dispensations, private baptisms, sermons, benedictions, of churches or chapels, marriages, etc., the Bishop levied them on the wealthy with all the more asperity, since he bestowed them on the needy.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
چنین بود M. Myriel 'ثانیه بودجه می باشد.

همانطور که حق ویژه برای شانس episcopal ، هزینه ها را برای ممنوعیت ازدواج ،
dispensations ، baptisms خصوصی ، موعظه ، benedictions ، کلیسا و یا
chapels ، ازدواج ، و غیره ، اسقف آنها را بر روی ثروتمند با تمام levied
خشونت بیشتر ، از او آنها را به نیازمندان عطا در.

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