"I should think so!"...

The Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 4)"I should think so!" exclaimed Madame Magloire. "Monseigneur has not even claimed the allowance which the department owes him for the expense of his carriage in town, and for his journeys about the diocese. It was customary for bishops in former days."

گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
"بنابراین من فکر می کنم باید!" exclaimed مادام Magloire. "Monseigneur نه
حتی ادعا کرد که کمک هزینه برای گروه به او مدیون هزینه
کالسکه او در شهر و برای سفرهای خود را در مورد اسقف نشین. بود
مرسوم برای اسقف سابق در چند روز ".

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