His conversation was gay and affable. He put himself on a level with the two old women who had passed their lives beside him. When he laughed, it was the laugh of a schoolboy. Madame Magloire liked to call him Your Grace [Votre Grandeur]. One day he rose from his arm-chair, and went to his library in search of a book. This book was on one of the upper shelves. As the bishop was rather short of stature, he could not reach it. "Madame Magloire," said he, "fetch me a chair. My greatness [grandeur] does not reach as far as that shelf."

گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
فصل چهارم -- آثار مربوط به واژه

مکالمه او همجنسگرا و affable. او خود در سطح با قرار
دو پیر زن که زندگی خود را کنار او گذرانده بود. وقتی او خندید ،
بهتر از این خنده از schoolboy شد. مادام Magloire دوست او را به تماس شما
گریس [Votre عظمت]. یک روز ، او را از بازو - صندلی خود را افزایش و رفت
به کتابخانه خود را که در جستجوی یک کتاب. در این کتاب بود در یکی از بالا
قفسه. به عنوان اسقف و نه کوتاه قد بود ، او نمی توانست
رسیدن به آن. "مادام Magloire ، گفت :" او ، "به من یک صندلی واکشی. عظمت من
[عظمت] نشانی از دسترس نیست ، تا آنجا که که قفسه ".
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